Business Ideas for 50-Year Old Woman From Home

Business Ideas for 50 year old woman from home

It’s normal to feel like things have slowed down a bit when you turn 50. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many ways to improve your life and start making money.

Stop thinking that you are a woman of 50 years old. You are still trying to figure out how to turn your ideas into a business that does well. So, we put together this guide to give 50-year-old women 20+ business ideas. The best part is that you can start making money right away if you are willing to learn and work hard.

1. Sell Handcrafted Things

Making things by hand takes time and care. Because of this, a lot of people love to buy handmade items that they think are unique. Why not sell your handmade items on Etsy or another site if you are creative and good with your hands? You might already have some customers, but this will help you reach even more people. You should be able to make a pretty good living if you make unique things that people want.

2. Start Your Beauty Salon

It might seem crazy to start a beauty salon business from home without any experience, but many women in their 50s have done just that and made a name for themselves in the field. Now, they have their own salons that are doing well. So, you don’t have to be a hairstylist or makeup artist to become an expert.

Spa & beauty salon showing services

Starting a beauty salon business is a great idea because you can tailor each customer’s experience to meet their specific needs.

So, if you’re good at styling hair or have always wanted to try it, why not do what you love? Makeup is a big business now, so you might be able to open a beauty salon and get customers quickly.

3. Offer Your Skills As a Bookkeeper

Being a good accountant is a great skill for anyone to have these days, whether you use your skills in the traditional way or not. A bookkeeper helps businesses keep track of and organise all of their money. If you own a business and are good at accounting, you can offer your services to entrepreneurs and other small businesses as a bookkeeper.

4. Start a Day Care Center

Women of a certain age are always drawn to children. This means that they are more patient with the kids than other adults. One of the most popular businesses that have to do with babies is the daycare business. It’s a great choice for people who want an easy way to make extra money.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn how to run a daycare, there is a good chance you will make a lot of money with this one.

5. Become a Member of an Affiliate Marketing Network

When you turn 50, you want not to depend on someone and become self-sufficient. However, if you increase your chances of making money, you can become a member of an affiliate marketing network.

Many networks give their affiliate partners free tools and resources to help them earn more commissions. They will also give you easy-to-use marketing materials. These products include tools for getting email addresses, sites for sharing online videos, landing pages, membership sites, and a lot more. This makes it easier for affiliate marketers to make marketing materials in less time.

6. Purchase in Bulk and Resell Online

Are you trying to find more ways to make more money? This is one of the best home-based business ideas for a woman in her 50s. As a reseller, you will buy things at low prices, mark them up, and then sell them on eBay or Amazon. Even though you can buy these things in stores, eBay and Amazon will save you a lot of time and money.

There’s also no risk when you buy these things because their prices can’t go any lower than what they are now. Find out as much as you can about the product you want to sell so that people will buy it. It is one of the best online business ideas for women over 50.

7. Start a Home Catering Business

Home Catering business

A woman in her 50s would do well with a home catering business. It can be a relaxing and fun hobby or your main way to make money.

In the last three years, the food service business has grown by 6%. That means that there are more than 1.2 million open jobs.

You don’t need to have done it before, but having a clear head will help. Even if you don’t know what the job entails, you can always hire a local company to do the job for you.

Catering events at home can be profitable and fun, whether they are birthday parties, baby showers, or something else. If you’re good in the kitchen, you could start by catering for friends and neighbours. Then, as your number of customers grows, you might want to think about expanding to serve weddings and other large events.

It’s one of the best ways for a woman over 50 to make money from home.

8. Do Webinars

If you are a smart woman who doesn’t get bored easily, you might want to think about doing webinars. Webinars are a great way to stay in touch with clients and share information about different subjects. You just need a computer, a microphone, and some software. Find a company that specialises in pre-recorded webinars if you don’t want to do the work yourself. They take care of everything for you and give you a place to meet clients.

9. Teach Online Classes

It’s no secret that educated women tend to know a lot about a lot of different things, which gives them a lot of options when looking for a teaching job. You can work from home, which is the best part. If you can write and have a laptop, you’re all set. As long as you have a degree, you can teach online classes on things like personal development, reading skills, and even foreign languages.

10. Start a Baking Business

If you like to bake, you have a natural skill that you should turn into a business. Not only is baking fun, but it can also make you money. You can bake a lot of different things. Bread loaves, pastries, cakes, pies, and so much more! You can sell baked goods at a local coffee shop, church, or event. When it comes to baking, there are a lot of options.

11. Create Your Brand of Beauty Products

We all know that hundreds of thousands of people are working on their own recipes for skin care. Start. That’s all you have to do. Find the right ingredients online and then learn how to mix them. You could start out by making hand soap or face wash, both of which are easy to sell.

12. Launch Your Coffee Cafe

You can always get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop. What if, though, you could make your own coffee shop at home? That would be so cool! Well, you can do that if you have the right mix of business ideas for 50-year-old women. Why don’t you open a coffee shop? It will be a fun way to hang out with friends and earn extra money at the same time.

13. Sell Old Stuff

If you’ve been keeping some of your old clothes in your closet because they’re “too trendy now,” it’s time to sell them on Amazon or eBay. If you’re just getting started, you can use free services where other sellers list their items to find buyers. You can also list your items on Craigslist, but you might be better off making a website instead.

On a slow day, it’s also easy to make extra money by selling old things at a garage sale or thrift store.

14. Massage Therapy Business

Since you are over 50, you know that as people get older, they tend to get aches and pains that make them want a massage. With an idea like this, you can start a profitable side business or make more money at the job you already have.

This is interesting because most people wouldn’t think of it as a business at first. But there are some things you should think about if you look at it. For example, if you live in a state that requires licences, you need to make sure you have them before you start your massage therapy business. You also need to figure out what kind of liability insurance you need. Other than that, it’s pretty obvious.

15. Become a Pet Sitter

People don’t want to see their pets alone when they get home from work or school. They would rather come home to their cats, dogs, or fish than to a house that is empty. As a pet sitter, you get to care for animals while their owners are at work or doing something else. Also, if you take in more animals than you can care for on your own, you can make some extra money. If you like being around animals and would like to spend most of your day with them, this could be the job for you.

16. Become an Instagram Influencer

Whether you are old or young, if you are passionate about something, you should share your thoughts and feelings online. And since social media marketing is the best way to do this, you can use this to make money as an influencer.

A podcast is also great if you like to talk to people or learn about different things. You don’t need any special tools to make one, and it’s easy to do.

17. Write for Others

People feel good when they write. We want to share our thoughts, ideas, and stories. If you are a good writer, you might want to think about writing for your local paper or other blogs. Remember that to make the most money, you need to be an expert in your niche. For example, if you like music, write about it. If you like fashion, write about it. This will make people feel closer to you and, in the long run, bring you more customers.

18. Stat a Print On Demand Business

You may have an eye for art if you like to draw, design, or do anything else creative. Start a “print-on-demand” business so you can sell custom art to other people. This will let you make money at home doing something you enjoy. Think about how many documents, books, and even greeting cards people have printed. There are so many options that you can start even if you don’t have much money or a lot of time.

19. Get Paid To Review Products

Have you ever seen an ad for a great book on TV or read an email about it? How often do you click on a link and end up on a website that wants to pay you for your opinion? Now there’s something else to think about. On sites like Survey Junkie and Vindale Research, you can make money by taking surveys.

20. Clothing Boutique Owner

A clothing boutique is a fun way to make money and have fun at the same time. You can open a huge number of different kinds of clothing stores. You could choose to sell clothes for men or women. You could also just make one type of clothing or clothes for both men and women. In any case, the most important thing is to find a style that you really like and then find customers who will like that style.

21. Dog Grooming Business Owner

Dog grooming is a popular business for dog lovers, even though the name might make you think of dogs with dandruff. Dog grooming services include bathing, cutting the nails, cleaning the teeth and ears, and more. If you like being around animals, you could start a business grooming dogs.

22. Handmade Jewelry Designer

Making jewellery is very popular right now. So, if you enjoy making pretty necklaces, bracelets, and rings, this idea could help you make a lot of money. You only need a few starter kits and a lot of time to get started. But don’t worry, because you don’t need to be an expert or have made jewellery before to start making money.

23. Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

If you like to plan parties, you will enjoy making personalised baby shower invitations. You just need a computer, an inkjet printer, some blank cards, and your imagination. When you’re done, print out the invitations, add the important information, and you’re done!


So many people have to work hard to make a living in the world today. They can’t get a full-time job, can’t make ends meet on the small amount of money they make, or are forced to live in poverty.

If you’re a woman over 50 and you have a full-time job, you may have wondered for years if you should quit and start your own business. After all, companies are less likely to hire women in their 50s as they get older, and the retirement age is going up. Don’t worry; there are still a lot of opportunities for you when you ask, “What business can I start in my 50s?” Even if you’re 50, you can still start a business that will make you money. It may take longer than a 20-year-old to get going, but it’s possible.


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