Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Best DTG Printers

Choosing the best dtg printer for your small business is one of your most important purchases. Buying a printer that is not right for you means you’ll either waste money or spend more on maintenance and repairs later.

However, selecting a printer for your small business is a difficult process. And when there are so many choices, picking the right one can be even trickier. That’s why we have researched and compiled a list of the best DTG printer for small businesses that you can buy. They’re affordable, efficient, and, most importantly, easy to use. Startup stunners has also prepared a list of some trending and successful business ideas, do go through it to explore the exciting business ideas.

What is DTG Printing?

DTG stands for Direct-to-Garment printing, which is a type of digital printing that transfers images onto fabric. It’s a great option for those who want to print small batches of custom designs onto t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel.

The process utilizes special inks specifically designed to bond with the fabric, making it ideal for high-quality DTG prints. Plus, since the process is digital, there’s no need to manage a large inventory of screen printing supplies.

What is a DTG Printer?

A DTG printer is a direct-to-garment printer that uses inkjet technology to print designs or images onto t-shirts and other garments. DTG printers are the best choice for printing high-quality images or designs onto garments, as they produce very sharp and detailed results. DTG printers are also very fast, making them ideal for businesses needing to quickly print large quantities of garments.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a DTG printer, such as the type of garment you want to print on, the quality of the image or design, and the printer’s speed. DTG printers can be quite expensive, so choosing one that fits your budget and needs is important.

Here Are The 8 Best DTG Printers For Small Businesses.

1. Brother GTX Pro

Brother DTG Printer

The Brother GTX Pro printer is designed to print on garments, so it’s versatile and convenient. Its sleek design makes it look modern and professional.

The Brother DTG printer is the best choice of cheap printers. It has a wide selection of compatible software that you can use to send professional-looking documents.

The main feature that sets the Brother DTG printer apart from others is its wireless connectivity, which lets you connect to your printer from any wireless-enabled device.

The GTX Pro has many useful features, so you’ll have no problems getting it working.


● 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi resolution

● Printing area: 16” x 21”

● Dimensions:  55” x 51” x 21.7”

● Machine weight: 265 lbs

● 2 on-demand piezo print heads

● Innobella water-based pigment inks: CMYK + white

● 8 ink channels


● Large area for printing

● Fast printing

● Inks of superior grade provide bright tones

● Useful design tools are included

● compatible with both Mac OS X and Windows


● Not an entry-level machine

● Using a different brand of white ink will not work.

2. Ricoh Ri 6000

Ricoh DTG Printer

Ricoh Ri 6000 is designed for small offices and is fairly simple. With a Ricoh direct-to-garment printer, you can put your unique patterns on clothes of almost any hue. Although it works best with natural fabrics, it may also print on dark clothes made of poly or mixed fabric.

You can add more value to your clothing at a low cost per print using Ricoh’s proprietary foil application. You may increase the amount of money in your wallet with no effort.

There is enough space in the RICOH Ri 6000 printers for hiding the tails of longer pieces of cloth on hoodies. If you have a table that can be adjusted by up to 2.7 inches, you can print on thicker textiles than ever. Embroidering on the zipper is also an option.


● Dimensions: 44 by 44 by 19.8 inches

● area for printing: 14″ x 18″

● 180 lbs. for the machine

● Industrial-grade piezo-electric print heads 6x MH2420

● twelve ink channels, each having 192 nozzles


● At a printing speed of 27 seconds

● Automated sanitizing function

● The included AnaRIP software removes the color separation


● It does not work on a Mac.

3. ColDesi DTG G4

ColDesi DTG G4

The ColDesi DTG G4 prints labels and barcodes at speeds up to 160,000 per hour, and it uses a toner cartridge that lasts up to 1,500 prints.

It’s also equipped with features like automatic duplex printing, automatic front and back label folding, and an integrated stapler and cutter.

ColDesi G4 includes an intuitive, friendly touchscreen interface, and there’s also a remote management tool. Businesses can use the remote tool to view status reports and control settings.

The ColDesi G4 also comes with a year of free cloud-based service, allowing you to make changes and access reports from anywhere on the planet.

This amazing value makes it a great purchase for small businesses looking to jump-start their labeling needs.


● 192 nozzles per channel in each of eight ink channels

● The maximum resolution is 1200 × 1200 pixels

● A total of four Ricoh Piezo print heads


● A printing speed of 28 seconds

● Using a vacuum platen keeps your fabric in place and saves you time and money.

● An easy-to-use interface boosts productivity.


● Not compatible with Mac

4. Epson F2100

Epson DTG Printer

Epson’s F2100 is the best dtg printer that comes equipped with a wireless network adapter that makes setting up your business a breeze. It supports WiFi, Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA/WPA2), and the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) to provide strong security. There’s also support for up to two networks in your office space so you can connect multiple devices to your printer.

The Epson F2100 is a dedicated system for printing directly onto garments at production rates without sacrificing quality. Epson Ultra Chrome DG garment ink technology and the Epson Precision Core TFP printhead allow the Epson f2100 to print at speeds up to twice as fast as our previous direct-to-garment (DTG) printers. 

The all-new integrated self-cleaning technology reduces downtime while other enhancements, such as the quick-load platen and powerful Epson Garment Creator Software, increase production.


● 16″ x 20″ printing area

● PrecisionCore TFP printhead with ten channels and 360 nozzles per channel


● A self-cleaning system cuts maintenance and downtime

● The Epson F2100 comes with a 700ml cleaning cartridge and 250ml of each color ink.


● Costly Ink

5. Summit RT

Summit DTG Printer

Summit RT uses the most advanced thermal printing technology available, so it can print at resolutions up to 1200 x 600 dpi and provide fast page turner performance, thanks to the state-of-the-art printhead design.

 You can print in color, black, and white, with single-pass and variable data rates, making it a great choice for business, retail, or catalog printing.

 With a wide color gamut of up to 95%, the Summit RT can be used to create professional images with vibrant and accurate colors.

Since it supports HP JetDirect networking and HP JetDirect Direct Print, you can connect directly to the cloud or a network printer and save money by eliminating the need for an intermediary server.

 The Summit RT fits nicely on a desk or countertop with a sleek, compact design. It uses the USB 2.0 standard so that you can use it with any computer. The battery life is about 4 hours, so you don’t have to constantly plug the printer into recharge.

The Summit RT direct-to-garment printer is high-end equipment that is both tough and dependable, producing prints of spectacular quality. One-pass printing is now possible with this reconsidered DTG printer, producing results that are distinguishable from those produced with the more conventional two-pass method. Summit RT is the best business inkjet printer and hence the best dtg printer, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to make a statement with their business, like an advertising agency or design firm.


● The machine weighs 130 pounds.

● DTG inks  are water-base

● 5760 x 1440 dpi is the maximum print resolution.


● Fast printing speed with One Pass printing

● The auto-clean feature reduces maintenance time

● Cheap DTG printer


● Not compatible with Mac

6. A3 DTG/DTF Printer

A3 DTG Printer

The A3 DTG printer has the fastest throughput rates, which means faster printing and scanning than other models. They support 8x and 4x optical or digital copy speeds in addition to PDF creation. The A3 DTG printers also have a high resolution of 600 x 600 dpi (dots per inch), allowing you to print photos, business cards, and flyers without quality loss.

A3 DTG printers are economical and offer a lot of value. It’s affordable, so you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into a single model. Most of the models come with an optional high-quality toner cartridge, and they’re priced reasonably.

They are also very dependable. You can count on them to work well and function correctly, no matter how many times you use them. The toner cartridges tend to last longer, and you won’t have to replace them often.

In comparison to other models, A3 DTG printers have a very high capacity and good print speed. The standard toner cartridges have a capacity of 60 pages. The capacity of the standard A3 DTG printers’ toner cartridges is 100 pages.

Another benefit is that you can get a great deal on A3 DTG printers from Amazon. You can find them at reasonable prices. This makes it easy to find an A3 DTG printer to suit your business needs.


● A micro piezo print head with 180 nozzles on each channel

● Highest resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi


● Printing at a very high resolution

● Ability to use inks from both DTG and DTF sources

● Affordable cost


● Slower than the more expensive DTG printers

7. DTG Pro L1800 Fusion

DTG Pro L1800 Fusion

DTG Pro L1800 Fusion Printer is a reliable option for those looking to purchase a high-quality printer that will serve them well. This model from A3 comes with a large paper capacity (up to 1360 x 690mm) and is ideal for printing large format artwork.

 It comes equipped with a fast Ethernet port so users can connect to a network easily, and this model can be used for both Windows and MAC computers. It uses a 3.5” LCD screen, which shows the printer’s status in easy-to-understand menus.

 Users can see what happened and correct it when there is an issue. The printer is automatic duplexing so users can print in both directions (both sides). Other features include a built-in wireless connection, 2 USB ports, a duplex tray, and a removable tray.

 With this printer, users can print at up to 22 ppm, which is fast enough to keep up with any deadline. A3 DTG Printer is a good option for small business owners looking for a simple, reliable printer that will print quickly.


● Dimensions: 40″ x 27″

● Epson L1800 engine, with DTG Pro, engineered base

● Printing area: 12.5” x 18”


● Affordable, high-resolution printer

● It comes with designing software.


● Not compatible with Mac



From the makers of the popular SERTEC EAGLE line, the SERTEC EAGLE TX DTG is a simple, low-cost option for a high-quality DTG printer. With many advantages for both small and large businesses, the DTG printer provides an economical way for any company to provide the most accurate and highest quality DTG documents.

 SERTEC offers this printer in different sizes to meet your needs, including compact models that can be easily integrated into office furniture.

 The DTG printer features a fully automatic calibration procedure that ensures consistent output regardless of operator or environment.

 It prints DTG files with ease using the printer’s intuitive user interface. Various paper sizes are supported, including A4, A3, A5, and Letter.

 The DTG printer has a large 100 mm print area and a wide range of optional accessories, including an optical sensor.


● Print Size: 100 x 60 mm

● Print Speed: 300mm/s

● Nozzle Diameter 0.35–0.75 inches


● An Italian company with 22 years of experience in the digital printing field.

● Eagle printers can be equipped with custom size platens according to needs, reaching 18 A4 size platens on Eagle TX 130.


● Speed could be improved with new printhead technology but still decent industrial speeds.

Our Verdict

SERTEC EAGLE TX DTG is the best DTG printer for small businesses because it’s compact, lightweight, and has many built-in features. You can easily install this printer, and it will do everything you want from a small office printer.

So, if you intend to buy a DTG printer for shirts, decide based on your needs and budget.


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